There is a new trend among millennial couples that will give them the wedding of their dreams at a low cost. The pop-up wedding, planned and executed by luxury group pop-up wedding planning brand PopBliss by R. Kristi Modern Hospitality, is a great alternative to the months-long or even years-long process of wedding planning.

You had me at luxury.

In an era of “platinum weddings” and Instagram-worthy photos, millennial couples are looking to tie the knot but not go broke in the process. Traditional weddings in the United States average about $26,645 and can get way higher. So if the option of a glamorous, all-inclusive wedding for the low price of $5000 comes up, surely, a couple can get excited about that.

So what’s the catch? A $5000 Hollywood-esq wedding…there must be catch?

The PopBliss wedding is a group-style wedding where you will share your big day with 5 to 9 other couples at a secret location. You relinquish control of planning to the PopBliss team and you will not be privy to most of the wedding details until the very day of your wedding. You are limited to only 14 guests BUT the wedding is live-streamed so that other family members and friends can watch. Plus you can always add additional guest at a per person rate to heighten your guest count. See? No big deal.

PopBliss is a full experience consisting of 5 events, meaning you get much more than one day for the money! The Bridal Brunches, Glam Suites, Welcome Party and Couples Evening are all included along with hotel stay, discount flights and tons of gift and surprises!

Now, of course the pop-up wedding is not for every bride or every couple. This option is for the daring, cost-conscious, fun loving, exciting couple who values adventure. The first PopBliss wedding took place in New York and was a major hit. This year, the 2017 wedding will be in Las Vegas!

There is an elopement package for $5,000 and an all-inclusive package for $10,000. There is even a third package that is $25,000 that is even more luxurious! The entire PopBliss experience is valued at over $200,000! Now that is a deal!

If you are interested in applying for a chance to be selected as one of the lucky couples, visit the PopBliss website and complete the form.

This year’s wedding will come with all of the exciting things that last year’s wedding had but with newly added bonuses.

  • The Wedding Registry Gift Boutique– The most amazing wedding gift and guest favor experience ever
  • PopBliss 1st Anniversary Dinner Party– Celebrate your 1st anniversary where it all began with the other couples
  • #PopBlisser Couples Club– Bonded for life, stay in touch with all the PopBlissers through activity, events and conversation
  • PopBliss Storybook– Every love story should be documented and turned into a personal fairytale

Applications for the October 2017 wedding are still being accepted. Do yourself a favor and apply! You could save thousands of dollars and still have the wedding of your dreams!

PopBliss can only host 6-9 couples each year so go to and register using CODE: FAB17 for the October 17-19, 2017 Celebration!

Watch the PopBliss experience NOW!