Okay, okay. Before the controversy and the blemishes, we all wanted to be a Huxtable. C’mon, admit it. You wanted to have Claire as a mother and Cliff as a father and you probably even aspired to have a relationship like theirs. Parents to five children, a lighthearted doctor married to a no-nonsense lawyer – this was the family to be!

The Huxtables were an example of what a happy family looks like. Claire and Cliff were a great example of what everyone, especially Black people, could attain if you work hard.  This couple did so many things together and showed the world that family, career, faith, respect, education, and more are the tenets of a good home and happy life.

#LoveandLead Lesson – Build together.

Even though there have been recent issues with Bill Cosby’s image as a real person, his image as a TV husband to Phylicia Rashad on The Cosby Show, in my opinion, taught us some valuable lessons. The Huxtables were a couple (and family) who always proved their loyalty to one another. Whether in discipline of their children or deciding on a family tribute, Claire and Cliff did it together. This lesson is important for those of us who want to or already are married. There will be major and minor decisions to make as we navigate love and leadership. Just remember to work it together.