The biblical story of Samson and Delilah is an interesting one. Typically, you hear of women being used by men and falling victim to false hope. In this particular case, however, it’s the opposite – Samson was the one who was so in lust that he couldn’t see what was happening to him and around him. Essentially, he was tricked by a prostitute, Delilah, into divulging the secret source of his strength – his hair.

Delilah was the type of woman that mother’s warn their sons about. She was beautiful so it was easy to be attracted to her. She was seductive, so it was easy for a man to be caught up in her web. Most importantly, she was manipulative, so it was easy for a man to become a victim of her tricks.

This is the type of woman you do not want to be.

#LoveandLead lesson: Manipulative tactics may get you temporary results and a permanent reputation.

Using manipulation to get results may work out for you temporarily, but you will be pegged as a manipulative woman – a title that is not befitting of a good girlfriend, wife, or leader.