The good Bishop T.D. and Mrs. Serita Jakes are one of the most well-known powerhouse pastoral couples in the world today. They have built and minister to a church membership of 30,000 plus people in Dallas, Texas. No small feat. While the Jakes’ seem to have it all together – a 30 year old marriage, five children, a successful empire – they have experienced their own share of challenges and setbacks.

One particular challenge happened early in their marriage when they were in a near fatal accident that left Serita wondering if she’d ever walk again. But by God’s grace and through determination and teamwork, she learned to walk again.

#LoveandLead Lesson: Let determination be the fuel that gets you back up when you fall down.

No one knows exactly what path will be taken when setting out to accomplish a goal. So even when challenges and setbacks come, don’t get derailed. Push through those obstacles and finish what you’ve started.