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Hi I’m FAB!

No, really. I am Folashade A. Butler (FAB). I help smart, ambitious women get the most out of being in love and being in charge.

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I’ve always had a way with relationships even when I was the single friend.

For as long as I can remember, I have been everyone’s go to “relationship counselor.” I’m talking boyfriend/girlfriend issues, sibling rivalry, messy work situations, struggling marriage – I have dealt with them all! I thought I was doing my part as a good friend and colleague by mediating situations and coaching others on what works best, BUT it turns out that this is actually my calling in life.

Who knew?!

My passion is helping smart women make more meaningful and remarkable connections in love and life.

I’m sure you are tired of killing it in your profession as a business woman and woman about her business, but then going home and not finding the success or satisfaction you desire in your love life. Believe me. I get it! You deserve to be in charge and be in love all at the same time, if that is what you want.

You know, it makes perfect sense that I have two degrees in Information Technology and have held titles including “Engineer” because that’s what I do.  I love to help women engineer the success they want in their relationships, both personal and professional. No one would classify me as the quintessential risk taker, but trust me, I have taken risks to achieve the success I have found in love and career. I’ve had to go against the grain, do the unexpected, and step completely out of my comfort zone in order to get what I knew I wanted and what I knew I deserved.

That is why I am committed to helping you get it right too!

You are smart. You are successful. You are beautiful. So, you deserve to be fulfilled in all areas of your life. Don’t let your love life be a continuous struggle. Let me help you.

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Folashade A. Butler

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